FDP on “Machine Learning Techniques” - 12th & 13th July 2018

Machine learning is one of the emerging research topics. It is a field which is raised out from Artificial Intelligence and it meets statistical, probabilistic and computer science algorithmic aspects arising from learning, which can be used to build intelligent applications. Now machine learning is present in so many fields and segments of technology, that we don’t even realize it while using it. This course is intended to cover the basic machine learning algorithms, techniques and its mathematical foundations.

Topics Covered

Ø  Introduction to machine learning

Ø  Clustering Algorithms

Ø  Classification Algorithms

Ø  Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms

Ø  Mathematical foundations of various Machine Learning Algorithms 

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Chief Coordinator

Prof. Imthiyas M.P.  (Head, Dept. of CSE -  9895 327 343)


Ms. Sithu Ubaid (Asst. Prof., Dept of CSE - 9995 346 216)

Ms. Nisha Elsa Varghese (Asst. Prof., Dept of CSE - 9744 294 178)