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Civil Engineering

The demand for well trained professionals in Civil Engineering is obvious, omnipresent and ever increasing. The department with its vibrant and dynamic faculty Civil Engineering department serves as one of the pioneering departments of the institution.

Mechanical Engineering

The pioneer and most popular branch of engineering . The courses have been designed in such a way that students get the necessary depth in the chosen area of specialization while absorbing the necessary back up knowledge so as to....

Basic Science

The Department of Basic Sciences deals with subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Humanities and English. The department engages regular tutorials and motivates students towards better and comprehensive understanding..

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Creativity has been the prime intension of engineers and the Electrical & Electronics Department is making all its effort in this regard. The Department has not only the technical competence but also facilitated with all the modern euipments..

Electronics and Communication Engineering

To impart technical education theoretically and practically through dedicated staffs, making our students technologically superior and ethically strong to compete successfully...

Computer Science and Engineering

The program in the field of Computer Science is a never ending process. The Computer Science Department is designed to keep up to this place. Realizing the importance of rapid advancement in the information technology sector,..

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