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Assured Placement

for all eligible students

Placement to 92% Students

of 2020-24 batch as of 28-04-2024

Salary Package

Highest : 32 lakhs per annum
Average : 4 lakhs per annum

Career Guidance and Training Placement Cell

Training and Placement Policy

  • The aim of the cell is to groom the students suitable to industries or to attain admission in the premier institutions for higher studies. We facilitate training programs for the students to excel in higher studies, placements & entrepreneurship based on their interest.

  • 1. Arranging off Campus, Pool Campus and exclusive Campus Recruitment Drives.

    2. Organizing Aptitude & Soft skills Training Programs to prepare our students to face Campus Recruitment process.

    3. Organizing various activities to improve skills of students for competitive examinations.

    4. Provide assistance for Internship programs in industries.

  • The Career Guidance and Placement Cell (CGPC) will hold the education objectives of respective departments with a clear route map.

    A four year curriculum for training program is designed.

    In the first year induction and motivational training programs will be conducted.

    During the second year, placement cell conducts a survey to identify the student's interest in 3 areas such as

    1. Placements and Internships

    2. Higher Studies / Competitive Examinations

    3. Entrepreneurship / Innovation culture

    The curriculum is designed to suit the above needs. From second year onwards the training and other activities are envisioned to excel students in these fields.

    Students will be motivated to do "Add-on" programs during their course.

    Assistance for coaching programs for higher studies.

    To make the student industry ready and also to provide a corporate exposure, the placement cell provides assistance for Internship programs in core industries.

    The placement cell attracts successful entrepreneurs to inspire the students who have same passion within them.

Placement Policy

  • 1. Students register with the CGPC in second year as per the placement policy and norms stipulated.

    2. Form a student’s core team for placement activates.

    3. List of industry/ employers are prepared in consultation with industrial contacts and other sources.

    4. The placement cell maintains healthy professional relationship with the HR Managers of reputed organizations for providing employment opportunities.

    5. Placement cell sends the invitation to the Industries/organizations through email/post or in person.

    6. Information regarding job updates / Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) / placement drives will be communicated to the students through on line and off line platforms.

  • 1. The schedule is then confirmed with the visiting firm and the same is announced through the student committee for further coordination.

    2. Interested students sign their willingness by registering for the company.

    3. Placement drives may conduct through hybrid mode depending on the interest of the recruiting companies. Companies may visit the campus on the given date and conduct the written technical/aptitude test, group discussion/personal interview as a part of their selection procedure.

  • 1. Jobs are registered against the selected students after approval from the respective students and the corresponding student is not allowed to take further part in the placement process unless it is dream job option.

    2. The company/organization is required to furnish the final list of selected students to the CGPC as soon as possible after the completion of placement procedure.

    3. They shall send the offer letters to the CGPC office which would be handed over to the students.

    4. Terms and conditions and salary package may vary depending on the company policy and may also vary depending on professional qualities concerned by the recruiter.

    5. Once the selection process is over, further communication and proceedings will be between the company and the candidate.

    6. If student is obtained a placement through other recruiting processes, they should inform the same to the CGPC.

Code of Conduct of Students

  • Students who meet company’s eligibility criteria should compulsorily attend the recruitment process.
  • Students must be punctual in reporting to the recruitment process.
  • It is expected that students prepare a file, in hard copy, of all their academic records when appearing for campus recruitment process.
  • Candidates should always carry 2 copies of their resume.
  • Students have to report in full uniform and should present themselves neatly.
  • Students must maintain utmost discipline during the placement process.
  • In general, ‘No” backlogs in the university examination is the eligibility criteria for the placement. However, students having backlogs may be permitted for attending the placement drives on conditions depending on the policy of the recruiting company.
  • Any indifferent behavior during recruitment will be treated seriously and the student will not be allowed to attend further placement drives.
  • It is advised that the students should take utmost care and caution in attending campus recruitment drives conducted by other institutions. If the students are attending campus recruitment drives conducted by other institutions should inform to CGPC in advance.
  • If a student achieves their dream job, then they are not permitted to attend any further interviews generated by the placement Cell. Also if a student is placed in a company, they will not be permitted to attend the placement drive of other companies of same category. This is to ensure the employment opportunities for other students too.

Career Guidance and Placement Cell-Advisory Committee

  • Sl.No Name Department Contact Details
    1. Mr. Jose Thomas Secretary joseadoor1@gmail.com
    2. Dr. Shajan Kuriakose Principal principal@stthomascollege.ac.in
    3. Mr. Sreeraj R Training and Placement Officer Placement Cell 9633940121
    4. Mr. Syamraj B S Asst. Prof. CSE syamraj@stthomascollege.ac.in
    5. Mrs. Regina Antony Asst. Prof. CSE regina@stthomascollege.ac.in
    6. Ms. Arathy S Nair Asst. Prof. EEE arathy@stthomascollege.ac.in
    7. Mrs. Anupama M S Asst. Prof. EEE anupama@stthomascollege.ac.in
    8. Rini T Jacob rinijacob@stthomascollege.ac.in
    9. Mr. Praveen Kumar Asst. Prof. ME praveen@stthomascollege.ac.in
    10. Mr. S Sarath Asst. Prof. ME s.sarath@stthomascollege.ac.in
    11. Ms. Swathy S Pillai Asst. Prof. CE swathy@stthomascollege.ac.in
    12. Mr. Gokul S Kumar Asst. Prof. CE gokulskumar@stthomascollege.ac.in
    13. Mr. Bibin Mathew Asst. Prof. BS bibinmathew@stthomascollege.ac.in
    14. Mr.Unni Pillai Administrative Officer info@stcet.net
    15. Mr. Praveen PRO pro@stthomascollege.ac.in
    16. Mrs. Remya Ashok Placement Cell placement@stthomascollege.ac.in
    17. Mrs. Shyamala Kumari Reception reception@stthomascollege.ac.in

Student Placement Coordinators 2024 Batch

  • Sl.No Dept Name Mail ID
    1. CE Vishnu K vishnukurup231@gmail.com
    2. CE Anjali Krishna S anjaliks7300@gmail.com
    3. ECE Arunima S arunimaaru7225@gmail.com
    4. ECE Aswin K Sudheesh aswinksudeesh@gmail.com
    5. EEE Shreya R Pillai rpillaishreya@gmail.com
    6. EEE Ajin Viju ajinviju2@gmail.com
    7. CSE Ria S Mathew riasmathew2018@gmail.com
    8. ME Akash A akashashok037@gmail.com